A survival adventure game
in the Antarctic




A Child's Journey through Antarctic





Journey to the South Pole begins 900 years later in Antarctica.

  • The World 900 Years Later

    The human population has experienced a significant decline due to wars, famine, and pandemics. People have lost most of the places where they could live. They are constantly fighting over scarce resources and habitats.

  • Abnormal Weather

    Anomalous phenomena are occurring due to rising sea levels and nuclear contamination. -80 degree blizzards, radioactive rain, lightning strikes, dense fog, etc. Protect yourself from the calamities that endanger your journey to the South Pole.

  • Antarctic Ecosystem

    A group attempted to build a colony in Antarctica and transported a diverse range of animals to the continent by ship. However, it ran aground during a storm, allowing the escaped animals to breed and establish a new ecosystem in Antarctica.

  • Crafting Survival Items

    Various supplies from the past have fallen on Antarctica. By picking them up as raw materials, we can create practical tools for our adventures, such as fuel for your backpack, a rock-crushing pickle, or a wall to protect you from snowstorms.

  • Building Structures

    When you place the crafted item in your slot, you can construct it using a 3D printer. It is crucial to utilize items adaptively based on the situation to ensure a safe journey, such as resting in a tent or using a wooden box to reach higher locations.

  • Branching Storylines

    You are free to choose your action at every moment, varying the duration and events of your adventure by the consequences of these choices. Whether you seek a speedy journey or a detailed exploration, the path is yours.


Platform: Steam
Player : 1
Release date : 2023
Genre : Action, Adventure
Languages : Japanese, English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Korean

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